Essential Scrum
Essential Scrum

Chapter 19: Sprint Planning

A release is typically composed of multiple sprints, each of which delivers customer or user value. Every sprint begins with sprint planning, a time when the Scrum team gathers to agree on a sprint goal and determine what it can deliver during the forthcoming sprint. In this chapter I discuss where sprint planning fits into the Scrum framework and how to perform it.

Chapter Contents:

  • Overview
    • Timing
    • Participants
    • Process
  • Approaches to Sprint Planning
    • Two-Part Sprint Planning
    • One-Part Sprint Planning
  • Determining Capacity
    • What Is Capacity?
    • Capacity in Story Points
    • Capacity in Effort-Hours
  • Selecting Product Backlog Items
  • Acquiring Confidence
  • Refine the Sprint Goal
  • Finalize the Commitment
  • Closing