Make Better Decisions with Economically Sensible Scrum

Even if all of your teams perform Scrum or any Agile process exactly right, in a textbook-like fashion, you might not achieve your organization’s goals for adopting Agile. Why? In most cases, when organizations fail, it is because they did not apply core Agile principles at…

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It’s a Sprint Review Not a Sprint Demo!

Almost every week I visit one or two companies to teach an on-site Scrum class or do some form of agile coaching. These days people who take my agile classes are likely to have some experience or exposure (via reading or videos) to Scrum before they attend–and in most cases…

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Scrum: First Establish a Firm Foundation

I was recently approached by the Microsoft Project Users Group (MPUG) to write a brief overview of the Scrum framework. The MPUG is a community of project managers from around the world, many of whom are just beginning to work with agile frameworks like Scrum.

You can read…

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